The HKPhD Fellowship Scheme

The Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme, established by the Hong Kong Research Grants Council (RGC) in 2009, aims at attracting the best and brightest students from all over the world to pursue their PhD studies in Hong Kong. The Fellowship provides a monthly stipend of HK$25,100 (approximately US$3,200) and a conference travel allowance of HK$12,600 (approximately US$1,600) per year for the awardees for a maximum period of three years. For awardees with a normative study period of 4 years, CUHK will offer the award at the same level for the fourth year. In addition to the monthly stipend and annual conference travel allowance, HKPFS awardees may apply for various scholarships offered by the University. Usually, the RGC will award about 200 PhD Fellowships each year. Details please refer to

The HKPhD Fellowship Summer Workshop

  • The summer workshop 2019 is organized for potential applicants to CUHK Engineering PhD programmes in the 2020-21 intake
  • We welcome undergraduate or master students in their penultimate year of study to apply
  • 150 students will be admitted to the workshop
  • Selection will be based on academic excellence, research ability and potential
  • Every participant of the workshop will have the PhD admission interview opportunity on the last two days of the workshop. The first batch of PhD offers will be made shortly after the workshop

What the Workshop Offers

    • On campus accommodation for 6 nights (July 7 – 13, 2019)
    • Welcoming banquet
    • Travel subsidy upon completion of the Workshop (HK$1,500 for mainland participants; up to $3,000 for participants from Asian countries; up to $4,000 for participants from other places)
    • Admission interviews

    Selection Criteria of the HKPhD Fellowship Scheme

    While academic excellence is of prime consideration, the Review Panels will take into account, but is not limited to, the six yardsticks below for the selection of candidates:

    • Academic excellence;
    • Research ability and potential;
    • Cultural diversity;
    • Institutional support;
    • Communication, and interpersonal skills; and
    • Leadership abilities, and societal responsibility

    About Faculty of Engineering

    The seed of CUHK Engineering was planted by Prof. Sir Charles K. Kao, Nobel Laureate in Physics and Father of Fiber Optics. He initially established the Department of Electronics in 1970. The Faculty was inaugurated in 1991 by Professor Kao.  Today, it has grown into a comprehensive Faculty with 6 academic departments, namely, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering, Mechanical and Automation Engineering,
    Systems Engineering and Engineering Management.

    about cuhk

    Founded in 1963, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is  comprehensive research university with a mission to combine tradition with modernity. We aim at cultivating quality graduates to serve the increasingly sophisticated needs of society and making contributions to the pool of human knowledge through research. We have a unique college system and a 137.3-hectare scenic campus. The majority of our teaching staff are recruited from all over the world. Our current enrolment of postgraduate students exceeds 12,000, and includes a substantial portion of non-local students from around the world.