Schedule of Promotion Visits

Faculty members of the CUHK Engineering are going to visit the following universities to explain the Summer Workshop to potenital applicants. Details of the visits will be available in due course.

Visiting Universities

Faculty Members of CUHK Enigneering


Visit Poster

Sun Yat-Sen University
Prof. W.K. Ma27-2-2019poster
Zhejiang University
Prof. Renjie Zhou, Prof. Xiankai Sun9-3-2019Poster
Peking University
Prof. Liming Bian10-3-2019Poster
National Tsing Hua University
Prof. Charlie Changling Wang21-3-2019Poster
National Cheng Kung University
Prof. Charlie Changling Wang22-3-2019Poster
Fudan University
Prof. Bei Yu29-3-2019Poster
Tsinghua University
Prof. Yunlong Zi29-3-2019Poster
Nanjing University
Prof. Xuefeng Gao30-3-2019Poster
Zhejiang University
Prof. Max Meng29-3-2019Poster
Fudan University
Prof. Sibo Wang1-4-2019Poster
National Taiwan University
Prof. Yi Ping Ho1-4-2019Poster
University of Science and Technology of China
Prof. Hoi-to Wai2-4-2019Poster
National Chiao Tung University
Prof. Ming-Chang Yang11-4-2019Poster
National Taiwan University
Prof. Wei Meng, Prof. Ming-Chang Yang12-4-2019Poster
Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen)
Prof. Pak Ching Lee18-4-2019Poster
Peking University
Prof. Wei Hsin Liao19-4-2019Poster
University of Science and Technology of China
Prof. Xiankai Sun21-4-2019Poster
Nanjing University
Prof. Haidong Yuan22-4-2019Poster
Huazhong University of Science & Technology

Prof. Xiankai Sun