Graduate Divisions

The Faculty of Engineering has six Graduate Divisions covering a wide spectum of engineering disciplines.

engineering (BME)

Requirements for applicants: The BME Division welcomes students with a major in biomedical engineering or other related science and engineering disciplines

Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

Requirements for applicants: The CSE division covers various research areas in computer science and computer engineering. All students with an undergraduate and/or master degree in these two disciplines or other related disciplines are welcome to apply. Applicants are also encouraged to contact professors they want to work with for detailed research directions and requirements.

​​​​​​​Engineering (EE)

Requirements for applicants: EE division covers diversified research areas. All the engineering students with strong background on hardware or software are welcomed to apply.

Information Engineering (IE)

Requirements for applicants: The IE division welcomes students from information science and engineering related majors, with strong motivation in doing top-notch theory and system research.

Mechanical & Automation Engineering (MAE)

Requirements for applicants: MAE covers diverse research areas including Robotics and Mechatronics, Design and Manufacturing, Control and Automation, Combustion, Energy Conversion and Storage. All the students with strong background in engineering and science are welcomed to apply.

Systems Engineering & Engineering Management (SEEM) 

Requirements for applicants: SEEM division welcomes students with strong background in mathematics.